COVID-19 Updates

Curbside Pickup

During this difficult time, we are requesting that our clients utilize curbside service when picking up any medications or prescription diets from our hospital. We ask that you call us when you pull in our parking lot so that we can take payment over the phone. A team member will then bring your medication to you. If you do not have an immediate need for your medication refill, we would be happy to ship your medications to you with free shipping. We are also encouraging our clients to utilize our online pharmacy to purchase any diets that your pet may need. We understand that this is a very uncertain time in all of our lives but we want to promise you that we are doing everything that we can to continue to provide the exceptional service that you receive from us as well as keeping our clients and staff as healthy and as safe as possible.

Hands-Free Appointments

The health and wellbeing of our clients, patients and staff are a top priority at Union Pet Hospital. That is why we are recommending “Hands-Free” Drop off Appointments to our clients during this difficult time.

Here are a few things to expect if you choose a “Hands-Free” appointment for your pet.

  • All “Hands -Free” appointments will be given a scheduled time by an Union Pet Hospital team member, similar to a regular office visit.
  • We ask that you fill out our Medical History Questionnaire prior to your appointment for dogs or cats
  • Please call as you are arriving, and a hospital team member will meet you and your pet in the vestibule in the front of the building.
    The team member will collect your pet, and return all non-essential personal belongings. (i.e. Leash, collar, etc).
  • You may then wait in your vehicle while the doctor is examining your pet. All communications and transactions will be done over the phone.
  • Once the examination and treatments are complete, you may pay over the phone by credit/debit card. If you are paying by cash or check, a team member will take the payment in the vestibule.
  • All documents, including invoices, will be emailed to you.
  • A team member will then meet you in the vestibule with your pet and any medications that you may need.

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