It is December and your pet just finished his annual wellness exam and the technician asks “do you need any flea and tick prevention for Fluffy today?” We know what you are thinking….it is WINTER people…why the heck would I need flea and tick prevention. It is too cold for those things to be out and about. The truth is, those little suckers are resilient and can sustain themselves year round. Let’s not even discuss the fact that if they enter your home they can survive indefinitely, as long as they have a host (aka your dog or cat or even you) to feed on.

Contrary to popular belief, ticks do not die after the first frost! Shocking..huh? Depending on the species of the tick, it can remain active in fall and winter months, especially when temperatures are above freezing.
This is true for the Blacklegged tick, which carries Lyme disease. Even scarier…they begin their prime feeding around the time of the first frost. Deer, the black-legged tick’s main host, are more active in fall and early winter months and as long as the tick can stay warm on the body of a host, it can survive.

Now that I have made you scratch and itch like crazy just by thinking of these bloodsuckers, let me give you some good news: Winter is the BEST time to combat and defend against fleas and ticks!

Our office carries the best products to help with your home defense against fleas and ticks including: Simparica or Bravecto for dogs and Revolution or Bravecto for cats. All of these products are currently offering awesome rebates…so why wait?! Our client care team would be happy to help you choose which product would work the best for your pet and your schedule.

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